Waterproof Bibs | Dribble Bibs

Keeping bub clean can, at times, seem impossible. But! Life doesn’t have to be an endless packet of wipes. We promise you!

Our unique Snuggle Hunny Kids baby bibs are built for mealtime with little ones. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be your greatest challenge and your biggest triumph. Part of the fun is when you’re able to keep bub clean.

Welcome to Snuggle Bibs – wipe down, super soft, waterproof food bibs. These baby bibs don’t just look good, they help keep your bub looking good as well.

Our baby bibs help make meal times a little bit cleaner and the clean-up, a little bit easier, catching spills, crumbs and those beloved I’m-feeding-myself grins! Feather light and foldable they’re designed for your kitchen and to travel.

Closing with Velcro, you can make the neck larger or smaller to suit your child and the in-built hanging loop makes it easy to hang on a hook in your kitchen, side of the high-chair or even attach it to the pram during outings. Soft like fabric and waterproof like silicone, our baby bibs versatile and portable, and will be welcome in any home.

But meal times aren't the only time a baby bib can make a difference. There are… dribble moments!!!  Teething dribble, juice slurps and everyday adventures. Our dribble bandana bibs, mean you don’t have to reach for your handbag and your almost empty packet of wipes every 5 minutes. Trust us, a dribble bib will be the handiest wipe you can have!

Our baby bandana bibs are made from cotton jersey with an absorbent terry backing and feature are two-option press-stud closure. One closure for small bub, the other for growing toddler. As soft, as they are trendy, our baby bibs are available in a range of our best-selling prints plus some delicious plain hues, Stylish and thoughtful, they are designed to look more like an on-trend accessory than the handy bib it actually is, so you can mix and match with any outfit for style and ease and throw it in the wash at the end of the day.

Those little grins will be a little cleaner and your life, a little easier.