Best Gifts for Newborn Babies

Author: SHK Team   Date Posted:31 March 2020 

Best Gifts for Newborn Babies image

What is the best gift for a Newborn Baby?

Babies need a lot of stuff, which should make it easier to buy a newborn baby a gift. But with so many options it can be hard to know which ‘stuff’ you should be giving.  New parents always appreciate baby essentials such as nappies, wipes, bath products and even over the counter medicines. These baby essentials are often found in baby gift baskets and these do make lovely newborn gifts.  However, there are other baby presents to give a newborn baby that are nice to give and practical too.

To help you out we have a list of 6 very beautiful, but also practical newborn gifts that will be joyfully received.

  1.  Gift Sets for Baby

Gift Sets are a great way to go, especially if you are not knowledgeable about just what a baby needs.  We’ve done the hard work for you! 

Our Jewel, Wanderlust, Primrose and Velvet Bows Gift Set is a gorgeous option for a baby girl and includes pretty essentials that her new parents will use time and time again.  This set includes:

  • Jewel Cotton Jersey Wrap measures 100cm x 100cm and includes a matching topknot
  • Wanderlust Organic muslin wrap 120cm x 120cm in size
  • Primrose Waterproof Snuggle Bib - One size fits all
  • White Velvet Bow one size fits all
  • Rose Pink Velvet Bow one size fits all

For a baby boy we have our Safari & Dove Baby Gift Set which includes:

  • Safari Cotton Jersey Wrap measures 100cm x 100cm and includes a matching beanie
  • Safari Bassinet Sheet / Change Pad Cover, size 80 x 48cm
  • Dove Waterproof Snuggle Bib - One size fits all

We’ve got more gift sets for you to choose from here and if you’re really not sure which one to choose, consider your budget and go from there.

  1.  Baby Blanket

If you;re looking for a gift that will be kept and treasured a baby blanket is a lovely option. 

Our diamond knit baby blankets are made from 100% super soft cotton and are suitable for babies, toddlers & children of all ages.  The diamond pattern gives the blanket a little touch of luxury, but because it’s made from natural fibers it can be washed in the machine, making it very easy for the new parents to care for.

  1.  Baby Swaddles and Wraps

Few gifts will be as useful to parents of a newborn than baby swaddles and baby wraps.  Swaddling helps comfort a baby and aids sleep by mimicking the feeling a baby has when safely tucked up in its mother’s womb.  And our range is super beautiful with matching accessories, such as cute little beanies and topknot headbands

We have Snuggle Swaddle Sacks which are perfect for snuggling babies from 0-3 months and Jersey Wraps and Organic Muslin Wraps which are also suitable for swaddling, but can be used as blankets too. 

4.  Bedding

Our fitted bassinet covers are such a great gift for a newborn.  They come in a gorgeous variety of colours and patterns, but what parents really love about them is how easy they are to use.  They literally just slip on and off both oval and rectangle mattresses and do double duty as a change pad cover.  And of course, they are easy care - they simply need to be popped into the washing machine for cleaning.

Our bassinet covers/change pad covers coordinate with our cot sheet collection too!

5.  Baby Bibs

At some time in the first 6 months a baby will start eating solids and with that comes mess!  Every newborn needs a good supply of baby bibs and our Waterproof Bibs are a big hit with parents.  Not only are they easy to wipe clean, but they have pockets on the front for catching food too. And like all of our gift ideas, they come in a gorgeous range of colours, so you can give a gift that will be loved for looks and practicality.

6.  Cute Accessories

Everything in a baby's life doesn’t have to be practical  - cute gifts are loved by parents too!  For girls we love our Topknot Headbands and for boys (or girls), our matching Bonnet and Bootie sets make lovely gifts.

There you have it, a handy list of gifts for newborns.  And if you’re still unsure, ask us!  We’ve got live chat on our website so we can easily guide you towards the right gift for the newborn in your life.