Our Commitment to People and Planet

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Our Commitment to People and Planet


We firmly believe we should use our reach and engagement to build a better business, a business that contributes positively to our planet and people. We've started on our journey when it comes to being better but we still have so much more to do and we want to share our goals with you, our community, so we can go on this journey together and, also, so we are fully transparent with you on what we're doing. This is not a finite list of goals; we will keep adding to it as we learn and as we progress as a team and society. If you ever have questions around these please reach out to us.



Ethical and Transparent Supply Chain - Our suppliers are independently audited currently to ensure fair wages, work safety and adult only employment. We will expand on this to assess leave, healthcare and other employee benefits. In addition all suppliers to sign and adhere to our code of conduct. 

Goal: Supplier Code of Conduct signed by all suppliers by end 2022

Goal: All suppliers further assessed by end 2022

Goal: 100% of supply chain mapped by end 2023


Inclusive Culture, Team and Community - We strive for an inclusive society and this starts with us. We will ensure our workplace is a place to thrive for everyone, irrespective of culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability, race or religion. We will ensure our communication internally and externally is respectful of everyone. We will support underrepresented groups through employment, partnerships and giving.

Goal: Listen and learn - we will listen to our community and team with regular listening groups, surveys and team feedback sessions ongoing

Goal: Be the best we can be when it comes to inclusion with a diverse team, inclusive and transparent communication ongoing



Environmental Impact and Circularity - We are very conscious as a business that we produce waste. Our aim is to minimise this waste and tread a lot lighter on our planet. We will reduce our impact on the environment by assessing and exploring fabrics used, dyes used and the waste we produce. Our clothing and muslin swaddles are currently GOTS certified organic and we want to build on this. 

Goal: We aim to be plastic free in our shipping and product packaging by end 2022

Goal: Map product environmental impact by end 2022. 

Goal: Over 80% of range to be produced using conscious fabrics by end 2023

Goal: Adopt a circular approach to help reduce waste


Climate Impact - We need to reduce our impact caused by transport and business operations. We offset our carbon with Greenfleet and will explore what more we can do here. 

Goal: Map climate impact of entire supply chain by end 2022

Goal: We will work with our suppliers to minimise air freight by end 2023

Goal: Become Carbon Neutral by end of 2023



Charitable Partnerships - Our reach, engagement and ultimately profits can be used to help drive change and help those in need. We want to support local and global causes to help our society and planet thrive.

Goal: Partner with charities and organisations where we can help spread awareness of their cause, educate and also financially contribute to make a real difference


We are all on a journey of sorts and we're very passionate and committed to this journey. As we work on it we're looking forward to sharing this with you so we can all grow together and, hopefully, we can help others along the way as we learn more. 

You can learn more about what we're currently doing here